• Run communityserver container, and get onlyoffice.conf from it:
docker run -name communityserver -i -t -d onlyoffice/communityserver`
# wait 1-2 minutes.
sudo docker exec -i -t communityserver /bin/bash -c 'cat /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/onlyoffice' > onlyoffice.conf`
sudo docker rm -fv communityserver

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This time I would like to tell how to configure this subject, in a particular each separate component as a result to receive the own, expanded, otkazoustoycheavy cloud based on OpenNebula. In this article I will consider the next moments:

The topics themselves are very interesting, so even if you are not interested in the final goal, but you are interested in setting up a separate component. You are welcome under the cut.

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I decided to try ZFS here the other day, but I did not find a detailed and simple manual on how to implement it on CentOS, I decided to correct the situation. In addition, I wanted to install all this in EFI mode. - not to stand still? And at the same time understand for yourself how DKMS works, as well as aspects of manual installation of RPM-based distributions. ZFS was not chosen by chance either, since it was planned to deploy a hypervisor on this machine and use zvol to store images of virtual machines. I wanted something more than a software raid + lvm or simple file storage of images, something like ceph, but for one host this is too bold. Looking ahead to say that I was very pleased with this file system, its performance and all its chips.

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Previously, I quite often had a situation where you simultaneously work in a terminal and, for example, in a browser. After several hours of work, you start to get confused and in the terminal instead of [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [C], press [Ctrl] + [C], and vice versa in the browser. As a result, in the terminal you get an interrupt and in the browser, instead of the expected effect, your debugger is slowly loaded. One fine moment it got me and I decided it was time to change something…

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