etcd is a fast, reliable and fault-tolerant key-value database. It is at the heart of Kubernetes and is an integral part of its control-plane. It is quite important to have the experience to back up and restore the operability of both individual nodes and the whole entire etcd cluster.

In the previous article, we looked in detail at regenerating SSL-certificates and static-manifests for Kubernetes, as well as issues related to restoring the operability of its control-plane. This article will be fully devoted to restoring an etcd-cluster.

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Kubernetes is a great platform both for container orchestration and everything else. Recently, Kubernetes has gone far ahead in terms of functionality, security and resilience. The Kubernetes architecture allows you to easily survive various kinds of failures and always stay afloat. Today we will break the cluster, delete certificates, rejoin nodes on live, and doing all this fancy stuff without possible downtime for already running services.

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