Here is written steps for install Kolab Groupware server and integrate it with FreeIPA server.

Most of actions requires basic understanding in LDAP mechanism. FreeIPA should be already installed before preparing Kolab installation. We will connect only users from the existing tree (which provided by FreeIPA), and we will create new tree for the rest Kolab resources, like mail groups, shared mailboxes, etc.

In the end, we will can authenticate them, edit their parameters via kolab-webadmin, and manage other resources.

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In this post, I’m going to introduce you to a cool technology for Kubernetes, LTSP. It is useful for large baremetal Kubernetes deployments.

You don’t need to think about installing an OS and binaries on each node anymore. Why? You can do that automatically through Dockerfile!

You can buy and put 100 new servers into a production environment and get them working immediately - it’s really amazing!

Intrigued? Let me walk you through how it works.

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Few time ago LINBIT released their new solution LINSTOR which is providing orchestration tool for manage multiple DRBD-arrays.

For example you can have few nodes, each one will have own LVM or ZFS pool, LINSTOR will automatically create new volumes there and replicate or distribute them using DRBD protocol.

LINSTOR supports thin-provisioning, snapshots and many other interesting things.

This solution is good suitable for virtual machines and containers.

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I can tell you how you can run kubernetes master in LXC container, I use Proxmox and it is working really fine, this manual can serve as an alternative way for the classical several masters deployment. In this case you can have only one master, and still have all the features of multimater.

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  • Run communityserver container, and get onlyoffice.conf from it:

    docker run -name communityserver -i -t -d onlyoffice/communityserver`
    # wait 1-2 minutes.
    sudo docker exec -i -t communityserver /bin/bash -c 'cat /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/onlyoffice' > onlyoffice.conf`
    sudo docker rm -fv communityserver

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